29 October 2006

Coming Out as a Geek

Well, not really. I've been out off the Geek closet for years, but have no real idea of how much of a handle on my geekdom the people I know and call friends have or not. Well, having (finally) gotten around to passing on the address of this page to friends some may or may not swing by and find out at some point.

Granted, there's not that much geek stuff here yet - though more than a hint, it's less than an avalanche. I assume though that should I keep up with this whole blog thing, and splurge thoughts out into the ether here for any length of time then I shall certainly end up posting about a lot of geek subjects - gaming, genre TV, books and so forth. On the other hand it may just end up a vent point, more or less as it has been used so far, and nothing else. Yes, I've got one big, self-examining piece under construction but most of the things I've committed to the page are really minor, diary-esque mental dung droppings rather than anything truly interesting or insightful.

Maybe one day eh?


OK, maybe not, but we can all dream.

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