11 November 2006

Lost drive

I've lost the burning drive that was sustaining my essay post on all things WoW, the 'net, and gaming in general.

I still intend to finish it - after writing upwards of 12000 words to not do so would be a criminal waste of time - but it'll take me even longer than I'd anticipated. There is a slight problem with this; as I'm not really playing at the moment my judgement on certain issues may get cloudy or, more pertinently, as it gets further and further from the last serious session of gaming my drives to play and to write diminish in tandem.

I'm also not entirely sure what else to write here - and by that I mean the blog generally. I'm a very opinionated kind of person, but tend not to just splurge opinions with no gauruntee of discourse, preferring to use contention as a point for conversation rather than ranting or venting into empty space. I'm also a very boring person - interesting things happen to other people!

So is this blog dead before it really began? Quite possibly. Time will tell, and its possible that I'll stumble on things that lead me to write. It's also possible the last two weeks of not touching this page - bar a small amount of work on the aforementioned piece - is going to be the norm.

Either way life, such as it isn't, goes off.

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