29 October 2006

Maybe it's That Time Of Year?

Friday apathy has drifted over this whole weekend. There hasn't been a single thing - bar calling Garry late on Friday, to chat bollocks with a mate before he jets off to SA to meet his brother-in-law to be - that I have actively wanted to do in the last 3 days. OK, so that's not quite true - I wanted to watch HIGNFY and QI on Friday too, but I didn't really feel like it and wouldn't have been annoyed had I missed them. Managed to enjoy them all the same though.

All I really want is for there to be something I can desire to do, and enjoy doing, that I could dabble in at the beginning and end of the day, such that between those times I feel that touch more motivated to work. And currently nothing that I can think of is sparking even the slightest bit of interest in me. I have a wealth of games, books, films, music etc but none of it appeals. I have no desire to go out in the autumn air (and no disposable income to spend should I do so).

Its severely depressing, and possibly seasonal: its pretty much the exact same feeling I had when I moved back here 15 months ago and which persisted until January. I think I need a big kick up the arse from an external stimulus else I'll end up rotting inside for another 2 months, and that fucking scares me.

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