12 October 2006

Pointless Weather Update

Yeah, so that rain I was moaning about earlier...

Flash floods in the local area and a closed ring road.

25 houses flooded in a village not far south.

Yeah. Autumn is foul.


Rosa said...

stirling effort old chap! you waited until your SECOND post to talk about the weather. losing your britishness a bit there old boy eh what snar snar snar :)

good blog. like the title.

Graham said...

Well yes, I am British; can't let the side down altogether. Tried to to maintain a stiff upper lip and not mention the horrors falling from the sky - it isn't the end of the world, it just looked like it - but there's a desire to bemoan the weather so deeply imprinted on my psyche that I just couldn't escape the draw.

Dave said...

In the land of Swedunn, we got that extended bonus special summer-all-through-September, courtesy of Hurricane Gordon.

Which has now ended. Hello, perma-frost of the SOUL.

(So, I'd better go out and kill a bear for its skin, then shore up the old igloo. Which IS located in the middle of the motorway.)

Graham said...

Hmm - yeah. Can't say I envy you up there. At least it isn't properly cold here yet (not that it ever gets properly cold down here), but the early evenings and associated minor-SAD... check!