18 October 2006

Wow. WoW.

Came across a link to a very interesting Blog post on the mindset and effect of getting to the "top" in World of Warcraft over on RPGnet forums today.

I'll not say more than this in the immediate term: it's an eye opening read.

The post can be found here for those interested.


Dave said...

Sheeesh. That's eerily familiar, somehow. (Soooo... WoW does not equal NWN, but approximates the net effect of NWC.)

Two weeks until NWN2. Mixed bag o' emo. Should probably blog. Ah well.

Graham said...


Yeah, 2002-3 was crazy in so many different ways.

Still not looked at NWN2 at all; doubt my 4 year old box can run it. Shall see, I guess ;)

Dave said...

Well, there's a spec-list (with bells and whistles) here.

Graham said...

Well that settles it; would need a vid card upgrade that I can't afford :(