11 October 2006

Autumn. Bleh.

Never understood why people like this season. Really. The cold starts setting in, the weather goes to shit and it's dark before the day even seems to have started.

Right now, I'm trying to get the enthusiasm together to start some work, but all I can see out of the window is sheets of rain and the occasional flash of lightning. The TV signal keeps getting interrupted and it's bloody dark. At 10.30 in the morning. Gah!

To make things worse it's Wednesday morning and I didn't sleep last night. Monday and Tuesday somehow passed me by almost entirely - apart from last night, which was good fun. X-com a la Unknown Armies with all the moral ambiguity lacking from the old trun based videogames, and all the humour that comes from a group of unskilled amateurs chasing aliens round with big guns and no sense.

How would you stop a runaway cruise ship?


Garry G said...

Why would you want to stop a runaway cruise ship in the first place?

Graham said...

Everyone has their reasons, though I do think it would've been kinda amusing to pilot straight into the Rock of Gibraltar shouting "we're not IRA!" whilst waving big guns around...

In this particular case, stopping the ship was secondary to safeguarding the 2000+ innocent lives onboard and trying to learn something about the aliens who had the thing under mind suppression but that's all kinda irrelevant ;)

Besides, isn't it always best to end everything on a question?

Garry G said...

But you could just keep moving in a runaway-stylee forevah thus foiling the insidious alien plot whilst owning a great big runaway boat!

Anyway the aliens want our wimmen because that's what they always want and nobody's innocent my young friend.

Why would aliens put a cruise ship under mind suppression?

Graham said...

Actually I think the aliens just wanted to go home. Felt very bad delaying their departure for long enough that their transpot got blown up by fighter jets :D

But can you imagine the panic if 2800 people suddenly all saw an alien. In the confines of a cruise ship. In the middle of the sea?

Never mind they'd all be old biddies and childless spinsters... actually it's a wonder mind suppression would be needed at all!