17 October 2006

Bloody busses

Normally the bus I take to get to Bicester on nights I game is vaguely on time. Tonight it just didn't turn up, so I felt obliged to call ahead and make my excuses, and call off for the week. *sigh*

Not only does this mean no gaming this week, but it compounds a communication mix-up that played out over e-mail in organising tonight... needless to say when I called ahead the host had already set off for the bus station to collect me. Thankfully his other half was in and the message was relayed, but it leaves me feeling a little guilty, somewhat flakey and stupid, even though there was little I could do. I felt it was the lesser of two evils for me to not show and the session to go ahead at a reasonable time a man down than have an already short session further truncated whilst everyone waits around for me - one at a cold, dark, bus station in Bicester. I just hope the others understand and see it similarly.

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