16 October 2006

What a Pain in the...

a) Back.

Gods I hate it when I wake up with back pain. I'm only 26 and do nothing to put undue strain on my back (beyond having somewhat suboptimal posture), but every so often I'll wake up with really persistant aches in my lower back that only clear some indeterminate time after I've got out of bed. Normally that's then it for the day, but sometimes - like now - it returns during the day. It really makes concentrating on anything difficult and doesn't predispose me to good moods. Whenever it flares up I am reminded that I should put effort in to improving my posture generally - and I do, for as long as it takes for the most recent aches to vanish at least. I've also been sleeping on the floor for what... 8-9 months now because I'm sure my poor matress was contributing to the problem. This move put paid to the waking pains for a while but lately it's been intermittantly back... co-inciding with very sleepless nights. I'm really fed up of not having a proper bed to collapse into in the evenings now, too... comfort and sleep have been permanently divorced in my mind.

b) Bridge of the nose

No idea why... kinda like a headache except the pain (dull, achey) is concentrated squarely between - rather than behind, or above - my eyes. It makes for a very odd sensation indeed - and not a pleasant one.


Garry G said...

Perhaps you could try some light exercise and see if that helps. :)

Thomas said...

Graham...exercising?..!..? That'll be the end of the world as we all know it.

(but yeah, seriously do that...it's good)