16 July 2007

Some things I'd really like.

  1. To have a sense of what I want to do with my life, work wise; I just have no clue. And hell, fun-wise, too, I'm too often feeling at a loose end.
  2. To be able to talk to people. Other people seem to have a knack for "conversation," "introducing themselves," "making friends" or "meeting people"; all of the above would be nice, but I score 1 of 4 at best. Alone is fine, always lonely is not.
  3. To not always feel quite so down on myself. I've had friends tell me this is the most annoying thing about me (apart from being English), and y'know? If you think it is annoying for those around me, have a care for how bad it is for me. Also, I'm pretty sure this one feeds both 1 and 2, thus exacerbating an already bad situation.

Just about everything I could realistically wish for could come from those three little things.

Without any of them? Well... I've been in this rut for years already.


Garry G said...

1. The most interesting people I've met in my life generally haven't had a clue about what they wanted to do.

2. You're okay when you get started you just need a run-up.

3. You are bloody annoying in an English way, you probably need more funk music in your life.

Graham said...

1 may be true, but does nothing to lessen the (potential) problems that cluelessness causes.

2 is a fair point, to a degree but the need for the run-up is the block on two of the 4 points above.

3 Too drunk to funk?

Thomas said...

Welcome to The World Dr G.

1. Cluelessnes happens to us all I would say.

2. What can I say other than...you beat me!

3. hehe....pass.

Dave said...

1. Yeah. And while I do agree with Garry, it's still painful to be the interesting one. :7
2. Second that. Erm. "Me too," I mean.
3. The English are annoying? Come on, you may not be as funky as scotsmen, but compared to swedes?

Sheesh, I am useless. At providing constructive commiseration.