27 July 2007

Could you make a character for every game you own?

It started on RPGnet, and now Garry is doing it too. The idea? To make a character for every RPG one owns.

Me? I'm dubious. This is not because I feel it is a waste of time, or that I fear it wouldn't be fun. No, I doubt I could do it because of the time I would inevitably want to sink into it. I have more games than I have read (though not an awful lot compared with many gamers), and an annoying tendency to write too much when I set out to do these things - I'd feel honour bound to have complete premise (my fundamental starting point for any character I'm actually going to play) rather than just the numbers.

An easier option might be to roll out previously used characters, but as I haven't read all of every game I own, it follows, too, that I have not actually played more. Or it has been so long since I did that the effect is the same.

Given I am falling ever behind with the actual play/summaries for my WFRP game, taking on another large project - 20 plus games, some more detailed than others, some I know better than others - is folly. Perhaps after the current game concludes it might be an option, but to be honest I should be doing other things with my time. I cannot deny that there is part of me that wants to, especially as writing up a selection of good, strong, premises might be useful as pre-gen concepts for future games. It is also fun; I enjoy the creative process - thought and writing it up, both - though much of it is muted when it is not done with an imminent game in mind and when not bouncing ideas off the GM (and potentially other players).

So I'm sitting on the fence for now; I do that quite a bit of late.

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Dave said...

Granted, I don't own that many games - not counting cRPGs - but the answer would still be "no". Or rather, I could but I wouldn't. Like you said,

"I doubt I could do it because of the time I would inevitably want to sink into it."

Though, I could make a character for any game I'd stand a good chance of getting to play. It's creating in a vacuum that depresses me.