14 July 2007

So, how you doin'?

Sheesh this blog has been utterly dominated by sporadically posted Actual Play of late. It was never my intention to drop all other points of view or diary-like posts and monopolise the space with one thing but funny how things turn out, eh?

Most of it is a time thing: writing takes a lot of it, especially writing something that I am satisfied with. It also takes a working mind, and of late I have been far from awake enough to get around to doing anything. No, this isn't really much of a change, but somehow blogging has been further from my thoughts (or more accurately leaving me feeling less enthused when I have thought about it) in the last couple of months. Even getting the APs up and done has been a step too far on occasion (S12 is 10 days overdue and s13 notes are sitting here ready for transcription).

Also there is the fact I don't really feel like I have anything interesting to say at the moment - I'd have liked to have commented on a couple of books (Reaper's Gale by Steven Erikson, and Londonstani by Gautam Malikani) that I read recently, my final thoughts on completing my watching of Firefly, or possibly even the conclusion of series two of Supernatural but when it comes down to it I was finding myself without anything really compelling to say. And that's for my interest, let alone anyone else's!

Noteworthy life news is thin on the ground, too (as it ever is - much pressing thought, but little interest, fun or pursuit of choice); that said, I have recently inherited a car - at least in the short-term - which might produce some lifestyle changes. Already I've avoided having to bus to Bicester in order to game, which is nice. In other news I'm hoping my 360 doesn't fail like all the others, and in the meantime intend on getting good value out of Rainbow Six: Vegas and Oblivion - both of which I was able to pick up for under £20 each last week. I also indulged in 3 new RPGs, ordering Dread, Roanoke, and Mortal Coil from Indie Press Revolution. Now I just need to wait for them to ship from the States, but all 3 have me buzzing for different reasons (which I might go into if I speak about them individually later).

Gods, I'm boring! What about you?

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