27 July 2007

I Am Quite Secure In My Ugliness

Or, otherwise put, there are a million and one reasons why any given person might be lonely; physical appearance does not make the (my?) top 10.

Of course, I also lack any recent photos of myself to display "proudly" under said statement (the one on my profile is at least 15 months old); I am not unhappy about this.


Garry G said...

You're not that ugly. During the Cricket World Cup Nasser Hussain reclined on a beach legs akimbo with only a small pair of white shorts protecting us from his manliness and I have heard from good sources some Oxford ladies swooned at the sight!

Honestly mate it's pretty obvious that your problem is that you keep putting yourself down. None of you lot is Gods Gift because I clearly am but you could at least try to believe it.

Graham said...

Eh - this was a good-natured poke. I don't generally give a shit about my appearance either way 'cause it genuinely doesn't matter.

But you're right with the first half of the second paragraph. Clearly you smoked something strong before completing the comment though ;)