17 February 2008

I am getting so fed up...

...with the postal service in Britain.

I am currently having to chase up a missing 'net-ordered item for the second time in less than two months thanks to something going wrong between retailer and consumer. The first order, through Amazon, eventually turned up over a month after it was sent - and 2 weeks or more after the replacement items Amazon sent arrived.

This time the order that has gone missing is the first one I've placed through Abebooks.co.uk - and its for an item that is only getting harder to acquire (at reasonable prices, anyway): The Tome of Salvation for WRFP 2nd edition, which is now out of print. The order was placed and processed 2 weeks ago and I've just had a credit card statement through bearing the charge for this order, yet the book itself is nowhere to be seen.

Hopefully the seller and the site will be able to help track it down, but if they cannot, even if I am granted a refund, I cannot see myself finding the book at a similarly reasonable price again. Gah!

Fucking Royal useless bastards Mail!


Garry G said...

I'd feel worse if the Royal Mail hadn't delivered my £18 copy really quickly.;)

Graham said...

Git! (I paid £19)

Hopefully the seller will re-source another copy; they've said they'll try to replace the missing one but given its relative rarity... *sigh*

Garry G said...

Don't worry you can still get it from a seller on Amazon for the low low price of £45. It's consumerism gone mad, mad I tell you!!!!!! :-0