15 December 2006

Music of 2006: an Addendum

A final addendum to thoughts about the musical year.

There I end 2006 with a fairly sizable list of music I wish to buy. Part of this is down to the reconsideration of The Richest Man in Babylon, as Thievery Corporation have 2 albums out since then, the most recent (2006 release) being an album of remixes which includes a version of In Love - a track from Ben Folds' Fear of Pop project - plus a disc of selected tunes from others that looks very interesting. This year also saw the release of Tom Waits' Orphans box set which I'll be looking to pick up when I have the chance. It was also the year I first heard Duke Special on Later... and I resolved then to pick up an album or two for further consideration. Together with The Good, the Bad and the Queen and the album from Zero 7 that I missed in May that's a sizable list for a man with no money!

On top of that I saw this review of a blues album recently, not when the original review was posted, and I must admit to being utterly intrigued with the "low blues" concept the reviewer mentions. I also made a promise to a friend that I would pick up the most recent Wedding Present release when I had the spare cash, and have long bemoaned my lack of Bob Dylan recordings in the "I keep meaning to rectify that..." kind of way. In fact, I should just stop looking. Poking around on Amazon (UK) whilst writing this I've also noticed a 2006 release from Bonobo which interests me greatly, a fifth album from Gomez and a 2005 album from Lemon Jelly - all of which confirms I've been seriously off the pulse for a long while. This is getting seriously depressing now. I have to go away and cry at my lack of funds!


Anonymous said...

well that's all well and dandy but you obviously have a huge gaping spirtitual musical soul because.......


That is all.

Graham said...

I know.

It's just another reason why I am a bad person