12 December 2006

End of an era

Of sorts.

Today I signed and handed over the final, hard-bound copies of my PhD thesis. Now it is very much all a formality, and I should soon receive the letter that confirms my doctorate. Some time in the new year I should get further information about a graduation ceremony, so things will not lack in pomp or circumstance.

It feels good to have it formalised and behind me. I still have much work to do, working the data in the thesis up into papers worthy of publication after peer-review; whilst that is crucial to any chance of a future career in research science, it is meaningless in terms of qualifications or letters before or after my name!

Despite a train-related nightmare, today has turned out to be a Good Day (tm).


David said...

Well, then, allow me to be the first to blogratulate you on the occasion, Doctor G. :)

(A side-career in rap should always be a viable option.)

Graham said...

Thank you!

And alternate uses of the Doctor tag are under consideration! :D