03 October 2007

I'm struggling

To come up with a positive post tonight, I mean.

There are a lot of things I could talk about - I've just watched Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait; I'm enjoying Pratchett's Making Money; Flight of the Conchords is proving every bit as promising as the trailers made it look.

But the latter two are still too nascent in my experience of them to deserve writing time and the former, whilst undoubtedly interesting, did not blow me away: it was fantastic in places, but as a whole it did not quite spark for me.

I guess I could note that last night I did laugh genuinely in mirth quite a lot - a combination of book, Conchords and BBC Three's airing of some series or other of Family Guy - which is everything I remember The Simpsons being back when it was fresh and funny on so many levels, and yet only watched in patches. Perhaps that's why it seems fresh, I've been exposed to enough to see its merits, but not too much to find it getting stale. Also - QI has been back for a few weeks and this is a true gem of British Broadcasting.

So funny stuff abounds, and this is good.


Garry G said...

So what did you think of Zidane and why are you sending it to me?

Graham said...

It underwhelmed me.

I enjoyed it enough to keep watching throughout, but it wasn't enough to make me wish to watch it again.

I'm sending it to you because a) you liked it, and b) you're a mate who evidenced his enjoyment of it.

Thomas said...

I'm struggling too...to write something remotely interesting and new in my so-called blog.

Anyway, I will some day.

Dave said...

Wait, new Pratchett book? Featuring the con-post-man? ... must find out when it's released in bloody Swedonia. (Anacronistic arbitrary publishing delays, how I hate thee.)