07 August 2007

In the spirit of being positive...

As I, and others, have repeatedly stated in various forums of communication, I have a problem with being very down on myself. All the time. About everything. Sometimes with justification, other times not so much.

So in the spirit of trying to reverse polarity and lift the world off my shoulders for a second or two, what am I good at? What could, or even should, I celebrate about myself?

Truth is, as I'm sure you can imagine, I can't think of too much.

1. I'm smart. Yes, I'm a clever bloke, me. Three degrees and a head full of random crap useful in quizzes to prove it. There are all kinds of qualifiers to this statement, but they all run contrary to the spirit of this post so stay hidden for now.

2. My taste in music. A very minor thing, to be sure, but something I do take comfort in. I also (and I feel a little guilty about this, because it is baseless and wrong) assume it is objectively better than many other peoples for not being the Sheep to the music industry's Border Collie.

3. Stretching now, but I'll throw in GMing. I reckon I've earned the right to call myself at least a decent GM, if not a great one. This won't mean anything to non-gamers, and very little to some who do game, but while I know I have certain weaknesses when GMing, and my style is not universally suitable, I do feel that so long as I'm engaged in a project (and by extension the players are engaged, too) I am able to encourage fun and enjoyment at the table, providing there isn't a major schism in expectation or communication.

4. ... I've got nothing. I honestly cannot think of anything else off the top of my head genuinely worthy of adding to this very short list. I will keep thinking on it though; there must be more. Right?


Thomas said...

5. Enthusiasm for things you love goes hand in hand with point 3.

6. Willing to ride broken bikes.

7. NOT picking up anything but sh-tty beer and Guiness.

...and on the negative side...

Remember, just as in maths, double negative means positive. People remember you from your flaws and that is also what makes you special, without them it wouldn't be as fun. ;)

Garry G said...

You're pretty likeable which is always a good one but somebody so lacking in both the funk and the punk shouldn't rely on their musical taste
to get through.

You're an intelligent, charming and sweet bloke who leaves more than he takes from any meeting. You really need to look at why we all like you so much.

Graham said...

Likeable? Sheesh, I dunno. The advantage you two had was getting to know me online where I am myself, just without the inability to talk to people or relax.

I suspect that those who meet me in person don't get the "likeable" angle to quite the same degree (I'm too quiet and not as witty). Whether they do or not (unfortunately) becomes a moot point, as I can't for the life of me fathom how to turn acquaintances into friends.

Those friends I do have are really good friends though. So that can number up there.

Garry G said...

You are so full of shit! A'body up here thinks you're a sweet guy and they've not met you on the internet. My mates have fabulous taste so the problem is clearly yours! :)

Graham said...

Maybe I am, and I just fail to make friends out of those around me because a) I'm crap at judging others opinions and b) unwilling to impose myself.

Garry G said...

Have I mentioned your amazing ability to turn positive things said about you into negatives!

I mean really!

Graham said...

Yeah, I'm definitely good at that.