15 January 2007


Yet again we were down a man: are Col and Adenaar the same person?! Well no, but they've yet to be in the same place at the same time. This session was more fragmented and I must admit I was struggling for concentration through most of it - not that I'm quite sure why. There was certainly some inspired play, though not from me, and it was fun enough but I think other things may have been on my mind and detracted somewhat from the game. It was a fractured affair with the three characters each pursuing their own goals for most of it, and only coming together towards the end. So no full actual play this time, just a quick summary for each present PC.

Col: Docked back in the Throne and started searching for replacement crew. Managed to wrangle a job for a company supplying workers to the joint Sky Cities/Throne ship, including a requirement to tattoo himself with their mark. Picked up information here and there about strange goings on in the lava tunnels under the city.

Kelvin: Went to work in his lab making sundry new explosive goodies.

Zeff: Staked out the Widowmaker's guild, eventually falling into step behind a group of three out on patrol. Followed them to a poor area where they entered a shop and shook down the owner. Overheard information about strange goings on under the city, waited for the Widowmakers to leave and then threatened the shopkeep to find out the rest, including the identity of a child slaver (who ran stolen kids in brothels).

All three met up, talked about goings on, and Zeff made a vengeance and hatred case to the others for tracking down the seller of children who was said to be on a "hunting" expedition in the underfaust - the community of the forgotten which inhabited the lava tunnels. Additionally it Col had a date first but thereafter met the other two and they set out into the tunnels; additional information both Col and Zeff had happened by indicated that a cult had grown up around some kind of stone, and that unusual creatures were being seen. Shapes in the darkness were all that were observed before Kelvin made out noises: chanting in the distance. The alchemist had been guiding the others as his crystal shard was vibrating when pointed down certain forks.

It took them to a huge chamber - around which cultists were thronging and dancing to some occult beat. In the centre was a huge crystal with a dark shape moving inside it. Col was caught by the mood and moved down into the throng, where he was confronted and, inevitably, things kicked off. The trio, and the same three widowmakers from earlier, investigating the shopkeep's information, ended up facing a number of mutant beings, transformed from human by the power of the huge crystal. The whole throng did not join the scuffle but enough did to keep all six busy until one of the cultists could smash the crystal with a ritual boom.

It hatched a new dragon, and promptly cleared the room - the trio all escaping with various degrees of burns. No slaying heroics on this occasion. One of the widowmakers snuffed it, but two survived as the cavern was escaped and a route to the surface found...

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